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Quote and Reservations page Updates

Hi Fellow Responders,
We’re happy to share that we have updated our customer reservations interface page. The updated system will give you, our potential customer, an easier and faster way to get a quote and place a party rental reservation on our company’s website at http://www.hijumprentals.com.
The quote/reservation page layout is larger and easier to read and navigate. The drop down menus are structured well and every item in each category will include an image, a short description and the rental price. One of the biggest improvement with this update is our Package Deal Options menu.
In the past, if a customer wanted to place a reservation for one of our package deals, they would have to search for each Package Deal item on the quote page, select the correct amount for each item in the said package deal, and then place the order exactly. With this update, we have a Package Deals category with all of our current package deals listed. Now, if you want to reserve one of the package deals, all you have to do is select the Package Deal of your choice, and every item in that package deal will be pre-selected for you. No more long and tedious searching. This make reserving a package Deal super easy for our customers.
On our side, the ability to speed up the quotes or reservations process, for our customers, is a huge plus. Because, in my opinion, a quicker interaction on our quote/reservation page would equate to faster service, and more detailed information for us to be better service providers in this field.
Have an awesome day!
Aloha! (everybody, everyday, all the time)

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