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Soft Serve – Slushy – Cotton Candy

Soft Serve Ice Cream, Slushy Frozen drink and Cotton Candy machine rental on Oahu. www.hijumprentals.comThis a huge and awesome Sweet Treat Package Deal. You will get a Soft Serve Ice Cream, a Slushy Frozen drink and Cotton Candy machine in this package. It’s like hitting the FUN Jackpot. It’s like endless happiness. It’s like all your dreams come true… Well, maybe not that far, but its awesome none the less. So this is what will be included in this package deal.

The Soft Serve Ice Cream, Slushy and Cotton Candy Sweet Treats package includes the following items.

  • 1 single flavor soft serve ice cream machine
  • 1 single flavor Slushy machine
  • 1 Cotton Candy machine
  • 2 soft serve ice cream mixes (5 gallons = appx 200 servings)
  • Soft Ice Cream flavors are Vanilla (recommended) or Chocolate
  • 5 gallons of slushy mix
  • Slushy mix flavors are Strawberry, Blue Vanilla, Melona and Rainbow Fruit Punch (choose 1 flavor)
  • 1 Carton of floss cotton candy sugar
  • 50 cotton candy cones

• Additional supplies for these machines can be added to your order.

Regular Price : $475.00book now button Hi Jump Rentals 808-589-9000

Soft Serve / Slushy Package Deal Price : $425.00

This item can be found in the PACKAGES menu, on our reservations page. Click on the red ‘Book Now’ to go to our reservations page.

Here are a few things to know before ordering this package deal. These machines require a dedicated 110V power outlet with a 20A breaker, per machine. We will not attach any machines to a portable power generator. We will not deliver to places where there are any stairs to the set up location, as these machine weigh approximately 250lbs each. We do require a solid, stable and flat surface area (2′ x 3′) to set up each machine. This information serves as a notification and disclosures, therefore, if you decide and proceed to order these Machines, for your purposes, to be set up, contrary to any of the conditions mentioned above, that you agree to pay the full amount or any remaining balances agreed to on the contract, without any dispute.

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Power Generator Disclaimer

Power Generators are not included when renting any Inflatable unit. We do have Power Generators available for an additional rental fee. It includes a full tank of fuel that should last the entire rental time, and under certain conditions. If your event is being held at a location that does not have electrical services, please be sure to RESERVE a power generator for your inflatable unit rental.

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