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Tents from Hi Jump Inflatable Bounce House Rentals 808-589-9000We have a variety of tents and canopy’s available. You have the choice between white colored or gray colored tarp. We utilize the EZ Corner canopy system, using the 1 5/8 inch diameter poles. This is the largest diameter size poles available in this system, and it is sturdy and reliable. We use 3 foot stakes at every leg to secure the tent. In lieu of stakes, we have 55 gal water barrels ($10.00 ea.) as another option to secure the tent in place.
Please Note that many of our competitors, that offer their tent services at a cheaper price, because they use the smaller and flimsier 1/2 inch diameter poles. We cannot match their prices because of this difference.  We use high quality and heavy duty equipment, set up our tents safely and securely, and leave nothing left to chance, for your peace of mind, safety and comfort.
Please note that there may be an additional HAUL IN FEE of $100.00 for places that requires us to haul in these items further than 25 feet from the curbside of delivery point or to an area that has any stairs for accessibility.

10×20 tent (gray top)…. $100.00
20×20 tent (gray top)…. $150.00book now button Hi Jump Rentals 808-589-9000
20×30 tent (gray top)…. $200.00
20×40 tent (gray top)…. $250.00
20×60 tent (gray top)…. $300.00
30×60 tent (gray top)…. $500.00
30×80 tent (gray top)…. $750.00
20ft black side wall mesh screen…. $10.00

Power Generator Disclaimer

Power Generators are not included when renting any Inflatable unit. We do have Power Generators available for an additional rental fee. It includes a full tank of fuel that should last the entire rental time, and under certain conditions. If your event is being held at a location that does not have electrical services, please be sure to RESERVE a power generator for your inflatable unit rental.

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